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2024 Democratic Candidates

US Representative
1st Congressional District
Vote Ashley Ehasz for US Representative

About Ashley Ehasz

Our experiences shape us. I am a veteran and a patriot. Watching the riots escalate during the January 6th insurrection, I knew that politics as usual was no longer an option. We don’t need politicians like Brian Fitzpatrick, who turn their head from their party’s violent rhetoric. We need new leadership. I know the struggles of working families in Bucks and Montgomery Counties firsthand. Lack of access to good-paying jobs, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and affordable education has held our communities back. Something has to change, and Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick has simply failed to get the job done.

PA Representative
143rd Assembly District
Vote Eleanor Breslin for 143rd State Representative

About Eleanor Breslin

I’m a mother of three school-aged children. I’m a small business owner, an employer, and a trial attorney. For the last 20 years I’ve been advocating for people from all walks of life often during their darkest days, and for the past year I’ve been doing environmental litigation – advocating and fighting for the healthy environment we all deserve. I’ve also had the honor of serving as Supervisor in Tinicum Township since 2022. 

 I am running because you all deserve a Representative who is willing to put the time in to secure adequate funding for public education, to protect our environment and to protect women’s health. You deserve a Representative who is actually working for you.
PA Representative
145th Assembly District
Vera Cole for the PA 145th State Representative

About Vera Cole

Vera has lived in West Rockhill Township for 25 years. She holds an MS in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in Information Science from Drexel, on a National Science Foundation scholarship. 
Vera Cole is an engineer and educator. For nearly ten years, she taught Energy and Sustainability Policy at Penn State while also serving as President of the non-profit Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association. 
In 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection denied a request from Vera for information related to the state’s solar rebate program. Vera pursued the case, won and it was cited as the 5th most important Right to Know case in Pennsylvania of 2012. 
Vera’s life motto is to be the change you want. She would tell her students, if you want a kinder world, be kind. If you want a less selfish world, be generous. If you want a less lonely world, reach out. If you want a more fair world, be fair.
If you want a world where politicians are respected, trusted, public servants, then run for office and be one.

About Ryan Bizzarro

I’ve introduced legislation to expand veteran services, senior citizen services, animal rights, voting rights, first-time home buying assistance, and health care. I am a longtime supporter of our police, fire, and medical first responders.

And I take a backseat to nobody when it comes to being an advocate for working people and the labor unions who help build our country while providing workers with safer working conditions and fairer pay with benefits.

Now I’m running for State Treasurer to protect Pennsylvanians. Protect our assets. Protect our pensions. Protect the programs that make a positive impact.

Auditor General

About Malcolm Kenyatta

I’m running for Auditor General because it’s time for the underdog to be a watchdog for Pennsylvania’s working families. To ask the tough questions, to help reimagine and streamline government, and to help build the coalitions to fix what’s wrong. It’s what I’ve done as a State Representative for nearly five years, working to protect workers’ rights, enact common-sense gun safety policies, and root out government corruption and waste. I’ve had multiple legislative leadership roles: as a member of the powerful State Government Committee with oversight on state agencies and elections, minority Chair of the Subcommittee on Campaign Finance and Elections, minority Chair of Automation and Technology in the Committee on Commerce, and a member of the Finance Committee.

Attorney General

About Joe Khan

Joe Khan’s record as a local prosecutor, federal prosecutor and county solicitor demonstrates he has what it takes to hold bad actors accountable and stand up for us all against powerful interests. He’s running to tackle corporate and political corruption, keep our families safe and build a better world for all Pennsylvanians.

Joe’s fought crooked politicians and corrupt corporations alike. From the mayors of Allentown and Reading to Donald Trump, and from corporate polluters to Big Pharma and Big Tech, he doesn’t shy away from holding powerful interests accountable.Joe knows firsthand that our communities can be safe and fair. He’s fought for fair pay, pushed to end discriminatory hiring practices, and worked with bipartisan leaders to ensure that the criminal justice system gives people a second chance.